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CORRECTION: Asian carp NOT found in Lytton and Lillooet areas

CORRECTION: Asian carp NOT found in Lytton and Lillooet areas
Executive Director - Fri Aug 24, 2012 @ 12:37PM
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Fisheries and Oceans Canada has just issued an alert for Asian carp, a serious threat to our waterways.  Luckily the report of Asian carp was a false alarm.  The find would have been very significant since the fish will compete for food with indigenous species and prey on their larvae. They can also cause significant habitat damage and ecological disruption. Moreover, Asian Silver carp tend to jump out of the water and endanger recreational boaters and water skiers. With the support of DFO, proactive efforts are underway to reduce the likelihood of Asian carp species becoming established in Canada. Fishers are urged to keep a watch for Asian carp in Canadian waters!


Everyone using aquatic habitats can help prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species. 1. Try to identify them; DO NOT THROW BACK INTO THE RIVER! 2. Note the location ( GPS co-ordinates are nice) and observation date; 3. Contact a Fisheries and Oceans Canada Office: 250-256-2650 and/or the SSISC

Download Asian Carp alert

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