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Identifying Invasive Plant Species? " There's an app for that"!

Identifying Invasive Plant Species? " There's an app for that"!
Executive Director - Mon Jun 17, 2013 @ 02:47PM
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Invasive Species are spreading their way into the world of smartphone apps! But this kind of spread is okay with us. 

Report-a-weed is an online invasive plant reporting tool that anyone and everyone with an Android, iPhone or internet access can use to simply identify and report weed sightings from anywhere in BC. Too good to be true? Us plant nerds (aka. enthusiasts) are pretty excited about this one.  

Report-a-Weed is a tool within the Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP) Map Display application, which is an interactive mapping tool that assists land management agencies, non-government organizations, and the general public in developing and delivering effective invasive plant management programs throughout BC.

Not too sure whether the plant you are looking at is invasive or not? The Report-A-Weed tool lets you send a weed report directly to the IAPP database where it will be compared to known locations of the reported species, and will be sent directly to a provincial invasive plant specialist for your area who will action the report. The specialist may share the report with the local weed committee coordinator for further action.

Features of the Report-A-Weed App include:

  • a map of BC that displays the 500 most recent submission details
  • statistics on the number of locations reported for each species
  • the ability to search through images of all 202 invasive plant species on the list.

How do you send in a report? Just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Open Map Display
  2. Navigate and zoom to the location where you spotted the invasive plant
  3. Activate the Report a Weed tool
  4. Mark the location on the map by clicking on it with your mouse
  5. Enter the necessary data in the Report-a-Weed Wizard screens
  6. Click Submit

While we still very much encourage residents of the Sea to Sky Corridor to report invasive plant sightings to us at SSISC, the Report-A-Weed app can act a supplemental step in the identifying process.

Further information can be found at:  http://www.reportaweedbc.ca/


Comments: 4


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