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Grants received from CFOW to further efforts in Sea to Sky

Grants received from CFOW to further efforts in Sea to Sky
Kiran - Tue Jun 10, 2014 @ 10:35AM
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(Left to right: Andree Janyk - Acting Mayor/CFOW ELF Grant Committee member; Clare O'Brien - Executive Director SSISC; Carol Coffey - Executive Director CFOW)

SSISC would like to thank the Community Foundation of Whistler (CFOW) for their generosity in awarding $46,876 toward our Invasive Species Certification Program expansion, Invasive Species Education and Outreach goals, and Inventory and Control Program.

$9,950 will allow us to offer, in addition to our Initial Certification Program, a Re-Certification Refresher Workshop for participants from the horticulture, landscaping and earthmoving industries; Best Practice Field Training for licenced herbicide applicators; and Invasive Species Identification Workshops for stewardship groups, environmental consultants, tourism operators and interested members of the general public.

$15,462 has been granted for our education and outreach efforts in assisting the agriculture sector; conducting community weed pulls in Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish; and implementing the Plantwise Program for garden centres throughout the Corridor.

$21,464 has been provided to assist SSISC with inventory and control efforts. This grant has enabled SSISC to hire a second field crew and provide them with the necessary equipment to conduct more on-the-ground removals and treatments, including herbicide, tools, protective equipment and GPS enabled data capture devices. With this increased capacity, SSISC will be able to treat double the number of invasive species infestations in the corridor; coordinate a Yellow Flag Iris Eradication Patrol program; develop a Scotch Broom Management Plan; take inventory of, and better control High Priority invasive species; and develop a much-needed SSISC Regional Strategy in partnership with our funders and member municipalities.

The CFOW's Environmental Legacy Fund Grant Committee has been an ongoing supporter of SSISC’s efforts since 2011 and we are very grateful for their continued support.

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