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Our job just got a little easier in Whistler

Our job just got a little easier in Whistler
Kiran - Sat Jun 28, 2014 @ 08:16PM
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On June 17, 2014 the RMOW adopted an amendment to Whistler’s Environmental Protection Bylaw to manage invasive species and Development Permit conditions for the protection of the natural environment.

This bylaw can now be used as a comprehensive tool to manage the spread of invasive species in Whistler. What has changed?

  • Planting invasive species in Whistler is prohibited
  • Notice will be given to remove invasive plant species on private land
  • Non-compliance can now result in fines of $250 per infraction per day of non-compliance

What this means for SSISC is that our education and removal efforts will see more results with the help of enforcement. 

  • Where can you learn about invasive species in the Sea to Sky Corridor? The SSISC website
  • What can you do if you spot invasive species on your land? CONTACT US at 604-698-8334 or ssinvasives@gmail.com
Comments: 2


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