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2014 Certification Workshops

2014 Certification Workshops
Kiran Pal-Pross - Tue Nov 04, 2014 @ 03:19PM
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This year's stats are in for SSISC's 2014 Invasive-free Certification workshops:

  • 10 workshops were held in June and July (4 at Capilano University - Squamish Campus, 5 at the Resort Municipality of Whistler, 1 at the Village of Pemberton).

  • 20 companies and 67 individuals registered, 60 individuals participated. 11 of these were new to SSISC's Invasive-free Certification program. The program content was expanded to include recommendations for and commitments from Earthmoving companies. It was an exciting year, as some of the larger companies like Whistler Blackcomb landscaping crew, the Fairmont Chateau Landscapers, Squamish Valley Golf Club and Quest University Groundskeepers joined the program for the first time.
  • Topics discussed at the workshops included: existing invasive species to be aware of, new species like the European fire ant and Nutria; treatment methods and species specific approaches, proper disposal and reporting sightings.

Participants who attended the workshops received an information pack with a copy of the SSISC ID & Management Guide, species specific management recommendations for species like Japanese knotweed, stickers, and decals for their work vehicles. Plant samples were shown for hands-on learning. A number of participants helped out after these sessions by actively removing invasives and/or reporting locations to SSISC. 

Through the certification workshops, we have definitely increased the number of trained eyes on the ground.

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Comments: 2


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