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Shout out to the CFOW!

Shout out to the CFOW!
Executive Director - Tue Nov 18, 2014 @ 12:17PM
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As we are wrapping up our busy field season and are starting to report on some of our programs, we find ourselves reflecting on the mountain of great work that what has been made possible so far this year, by our WONDERFUL and GENEROUS funders! 

In particular HUGE thanks must go to the Community Foundation of Whistler, our biggest supporter. 

We received an incredibly generous grant of $46,876 from the Envrionmental Legacy Fund for 2014-15, funding the following programs:

Inventory & Control Program:

  • Yellow Flag Iris Eradication Patrol
  • Development of Scotch Broom Management Plan
  • Inventory and Control of High Priority Invasive Species
  • Development of SSISC Regional Strategy

Education & Outreach Program:

  • Weeds & Agriculture: Information Resource Development, Workshops & Farm Tour
  • Community Weed Pulls
  • Plantwise Program
  • Purchase of Outreach Materials

Certification & Training Programs:

  • Invasive-free Certification Program for Horticulture, Landscaping & Earthmoving professionals
  • Best Practice Field Training for herbicide application

  • Invasive Species Identification Workshops

So, here's to a great year, and here's to the Community Foundation of Whistler! 


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