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Invasive Species

Priority plant list by category

Download the current SSISC Priority Species List

See an in depth description of a selection of species by clicking on common name below:  

 Scientific Name  Common Name
 Myriophyllum aquaticum  parrotweed; parrot feather
 Anchusa officinalis  common bugloss
 Heracleum mantegazzianum  giant hogweed
 Iris pseudacorus  yellow flag iris
 Lythrum salicaria purple loosestrife
- Pemberton specific factsheet
 Symphytym officinale
Common comfrey
 Centaurea sp  invasive knapweeds
 Cytisus scoparius  Scotch broom
 Daphne laureola  daphne laurel, spurge laurel
 Fallopia sp.  knotweeds
 Hedera helix + Helix varieties  English ivy & varieties
 Ilex aquifolium  English holly
 Impatiens glandulifera policeman's helmet; Himalayan balsam,
Pemberton specific factsheet
 Impatiens parviflora  smallflower touch-me-not
 Lamium galeobdolon  yellow lamium, yellow archangel
 Rubus armeniacus  Himalayan blackberry
 Vinca minor & major  periwinkle


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